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Your Restaurant Could Really Benefit With a Summit Juice Dispenser

Have you noticed how many restaurants and fast food caf├ęs take the short cut by serving customers with packaged juices? It's become the norm to pair a box or bottle of juice with a meal. Where are the days when restaurants served fresh fruit juice? There is nothing quite like a 100% fruit juice that is freshly blended.

A Juice Dispenser is a good idea if you want to gain a new sense of respect from your customers. Your restaurant can make and serve fresh fruit juice to your customers on demand. Once you've squeezed or blended the juice you can add it to a Juice Dispenser. What better way than to do so with a 2 or 3 bowl Juice Dispenser made by Summit. Not only will customers admire you for making fresh fruit juice but they will be delighted when you are able to give them different flavour options. With the 2 bowl unit you can add an orange and mango mixture in the 1 bowl and a fruit mix in the other bowl. With the 3 bowl unit you can add an apple and grape mix, berry mix, and a pineapple mix. Which flavour varieties you choose will depend on you as well as on which fruit is in season.

If you think that making fresh fruit juice is a mission, then think again. You will find that there are a number of different juicers and blenders available that can blend the fruit for you. This is not the pre-historic days when chefs had to squeeze the fruit by hand. Can you imagine how much time that must have taken? In this modern age, you simply add the peeled and pitted fruit chuncks into a blender, preferable a Hamilton Beach Blender, along with the selected ingredients and let it blend to a smooth consistency. Next, add the smooth juice blend to the Summit Juice Dispenser in order to keep it chilled. This catering equipment has a built in cooling system that keeps the contents ice-cold and ready to serve. Plus the dispensing taps allow you to pour the juice directly from the bowl into a glass. Now that's fresh fruit juice on tap.

It may seem to be the easier solution to buy juice packs or bottles in bulk but there is nothing like the sweet fresh taste of freshly made fruit juice. Plus you save on storage space. You would have to stock up on those juice boxes and store them somewhere. Give your restaurant the edge by being fresh and prepared.

Sep 26, 2017


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