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Underestimated Catering Equipment: Utilities That Assist With Daily Tasks

The focus for restaurants is usually on the main or big catering equipment and sometimes the little things are overlooked. However, it is these little things that make the daily tasks for waiters and chefs so much easier. And if you don't have it, it can cause a certain degree of chaos in the daily management of the restaurant.

Utilities that can assist with daily restaurant tasks include:

· Bill Spike. This is a small item that enables you to stack all the credit card and debit card slips and keep them in one place. Without it, the waiters could drop the slips or misplace them. This keeps the slips organised for accounting purposes at the end of the day.

· Coin Scale. A coin scale allows you to quickly and accurately count the coins at the end of a busy of day.

· Service Mat. There are two types, one for the door and one for the bar. At the door, it is necessary to capture dirt as people walk into the bar. At the bar, the branded mat acts as a form of advertising as well as a large coaster, effectively.

· Bar Caddy. This is a nifty condiment holder. There are different types. One bar caddy allows you to stack serviettes, sugar sachets, and stirrers, within one unit. Another option is more of a divider type which allows you place different condiments or toppings in separate bowls contained within the unit.

· Bottle Opener. This small catering equipment may be taken for granted but nothing looks more unprofessional than a waiter trying to open a bottle by hand. The bottle opener makes it easier to open a bottle and looks professional.

· Bottle Top Catcher. There's nothing worse than litter in a restaurant and dropping bottle caps all over the place is littering. Having a wall mounted bottle top catcher ensures that bottle caps are contained neatly.

· Cutlery Tray. Keep all the knives, forks, and spoons neatly tucked away in a cutlery tray for easy access when customers arrive in the restaurant.

· Cake Server. This is an underestimated catering equipment. If your restaurant serves cake as dessert it is advisable to have a cake server at hand. It neatly and easily lifts a slice of cake thus minimising damage to the cake. If the cake server is not there, waiters tend to use a knife which does not have a wide base to support the slice so they could drop the slice untidily on the plate.

Mar 5, 2018


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