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Small Innovative Catering Equipment That Make Your Life Easier

There's a lot of catering equipment out there and, of course, the words catering equipment conjures up images of cutlery and crockery in your mind. It could also include kitchen equipment and appliances. Yet, there is a whole other world of catering equipment that many people miss or take for granted because of their small stature. Let's take a look at the undermined and underestimated catering equipment that makes our lives easier.

  • Baking Sheets. These are so innovative and convenient during the baking process. It seems like such a simple sheet but it saves you buckets of time because you don't have to scrub burnt baking trays anymore. The baking sheet acts like a non-stick layer between the baking tray and the food.
  • Ballers. What are ballers, you may ask? This little catering equipment is the size of one kitchen fork. It has a handle along the shaft and at the two ends of the handle it has a half hollowed metal ball. It is generally used to ball melons or any other fruit. You can create a fruit bowl of neat round fruit scoops.
  • Cake Dividers. These are round metal rings that have thin metal glides within the ring. It allows you to cut a cake into perfectly even slices.
  • Garlic Press. Are you still struggling with garlic preparation? Then look no further. The garlic press is a nifty invention where you can put a clove of garlic inside it and with the force of the two opposing handles you can crush the garlic in one swift move. Quick and easy.
  • Oil Tester. With this little technical invention you can place the one end of the oil tester in the cooking oil to check whether the temperature you require has been reached. No more adding ingredients to the cooking oil before the time.
  • Pizza Cutters. This is a wonderful piece of catering equipment if you eat or serve a lot of pizza. This round blade simply glides through the pizza slicing it perfectly.
  • Sharpening Stones. After a lot of use, knives tend to go blunt. Yes, they do. So you need to sharpen them if you want to slice the food with ease. A sharpening stone in your kitchen is quite handy for those moments when you need to sharpen your favourite knife.
  • Speed Pourers. Many people think that this is an unnecessary piece of catering equipment, but until you've used one you'll never understand. The speed pourer inserts into the top of a glass bottle perfectly. It allows you to easily and without a mess pour olive oil or vinegar.

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Mar 23, 2017


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