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How Many Ice Cream Flavours Can You Think Of?

If you have a sweet tooth then you probably enjoy ice cream. Your kids certainly enjoy it. Everyone has their favourite ice cream flavour but there are so many of them. Imagine how much fun you could have with an ice cream machine. How many flavours can you think of?

Let's start with the most popular flavours. Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry are the most common ones. Neapolitan is another common variety that is made up of these three flavours vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.

Other interesting and well-known flavours are the following. Bubble gum with its blue colour is loved by children as well as those young at heart. Rum and raisin is delicious with its unique taste. Coffee has become increasingly in demand over recent years. Toffee as well as caramel is enjoyed by those with a very sweet tooth. Peppermint and Mint are refreshing but chocolate mint is a delectable treat. Blueberry is tasty with a sweet sour twist. Banana is smooth and delicious.

More unusual and fascinating flavours have been created over the years, thanks to some creative chefs. Cookies and cream is enjoyed by those people who love the cookies and milk idea. Lemon meringue tart lovers will enjoy the lemon meringue option. Salted caramel is another interesting one that stems from the salted caramel popcorn treat.

Are you keeping track of the number of flavours so far? If you're adventurous you could make your own ice cream with an ice cream machine. There are seventeen, thus far, by the way.

Then there are the more adventurous combination flavours too. These include options such as chocolate nut brownie, vanilla toffee pecan, mocha almond fudge and pineapple coconut. All of these combinations are deliciously sweet treats for the perfect summer day.

These are only some of the flavours that I can think of. There are still many other outrageous and daring options that come from around world. Bacon flavour is one example, while rose is another one. I think those options would be a bit weird too. That is twenty three. How many more could you think of?

If you're going to try to make your ice cream flavour mixtures, then make sure that you find the catering equipment that works best for you. An ice cream machine is a great addition to any commercial kitchen. Be adventurous. Come up with your own unique combinations and have fun with it. It can give kids and big kids much joy.

Oct 3, 2017


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