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Cheese Cutters: Unappreciated Catering Equipment

Cheese Cutters are not given as much attention as they deserve. We all eat cheese and if you've made a sandwich for yourself you know how irritating it can be if you use the wrong knife to slice the cheese. That laborious task would be multiplied in the restaurant industry. In this article, we'll take a look at the different types of Cheese Cutters available.

  • Mini Cheese Cutter
A small hand held option that has a handle similar to that of an ergonomic knife or fork and a steel rod that has two taut wires on each side. With this option you can hold the cheese and slice it neatly with the wire. The space between the rod and the wire ensures that you'll always slice the same thickness each time.
  • Hand Held Cheese Cutter with Wire
This is a nifty little piece of kitchen equipment that is small and simple to use. It is designed with a rectangular base and a hand operated lever that contains a taut wire which slices through the cheese with ease. This unit is suitable for households as well as cafes and bakeries.
  • Anvil Manual Cheese Cutter
This unit is quite similar to the hand held version except that it is larger in size at 400 millimetres. It, too, is designed with a taut wire on a hand operated lever and a rectangular base. However, the lever and wire slice length-wise which allows you to slice larger blocks. This unit is ideal for smaller restaurants and hotel restaurants that serve breakfast sandwiches daily.
  • Rheninghaus Cheese Slicer
The Rheninghaus Cheese Slicer is the largest option of the four. It is 560 x 380 x 450 millimetres in size and weighs 29 kilograms. This catering equipmentis electrically operated with a power output of 0.22 kilowatts. The Teflon coated surface prevents cheese from sticking to the surface which makes cleaning a breeze. It is manufactured with a 30 centimetre blade and slices the perfect piece of cheese every time. This option is great for large bakeries, hotels and restaurants that serve cheese sandwiches and burgers on a daily basis.

Cheese Cutters are quite a convenient addition to your kitchen which makes light work of sandwich and burger preparation. They are often overlooked because they look like trendy gadgets that could be in the way. But they are widely underestimated because they can make a big difference to your daily food preparation process.

Mar 6, 2017


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