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Catering Equipment That Make Your Life Easier

The purpose of catering equipment is to make life easier for the chef but there are those innovative and interesting types of catering equipment that make a chef's life so much better. Here are some interesting types of catering equipment to improve your cooking experience.


  • Avenia Rice Cooker. This rice cooker has an 8.5 litre capacity with 230 Volts and 2650 Watts of power. It has the option to cook the rice as well as to keep it warm. That makes it ideal for restaurants and caterers that need to cook a lot of rice without having to monitor it.



  • Anvil Pasta Cooker. This pasta cooker has four individual portion baskets so that you can control the serving amount. It has variable heat control and a hinged element box with 2 stage locking. Plus, it has carrying handles for easy cleaning. This works well for restaurants that serve pasta daily.



  • Fimar Vegetable Cutter. Cutting vegetables is probably one of the most laborious kitchen tasks. This vegetable cutter slices, dices or grates vegetables, chips and cheese with ease. It is suitable for smaller restaurants and cafes.



  • Anvil Potato Peeler. Maybe peeling potatoes is one of the worst of kitchen tasks. This automatic potato peeler peels 12 kilograms of potatoes within 2 minutes in a high grade stainless steel drum. Then the potatoes are ejected via a chute designed to ensure minimal damage to the potatoes.



  • French Fry Cutter. Cutting potatoes into perfect French fry sticks can be painstaking. The French Fry Cutter allows you to place a potato onto the grid then with a swift smooth action you can push the block down with the handle bar. The potato is sliced into even portions.



  • Trespade Mixing Machine. This mixing machine is specifically designed to manually mix up to 20 kilograms of meat for salami, sausage or hamburgers. It has a stainless steel structure, casing, tank, paddle and shaft. The removable paddle that makes it easy to unassemble which is ideal for quick cleaning.



  • Kitchenaid Planetary Mixer. This catering equipment is designed to whisk, beat or mix dough or ingredients for bakery items. This unit is driven by gears so it maintains a constant speed. It also has an all metal construction and uses a lift system so the mixer's head does not tilt thus making the mixer more stable.


Skymsen Liquidiser. This large 25 litre food blender can blend soups and sauces practically effortlessly. It is ideal for blending ingredients for mayonnaise, salad dressing and juice.

Feb 19, 2018


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