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Catering Equipment for Coffee Shops

People spend increasingly more time in coffee shops whether it is for leisure or for business meetings. It is a convenient establishment where people can come together and enjoy each other's company. Coffee shop owners need to be geared for such demand especially if that establishment is a popular one. This is a list of catering equipment that assists in the managing of a busy coffee shop.

· Coffee Machine. This is obvious. However, the tricky part is finding a coffee machine that is suitable for your demand. The Avenia Filter Coffee Machine is used by restaurants for immediate service. It comes with two glass jugs and brews up to 144 cups per hour. The Bravilor Novo Coffee Machine also brews up to 144 cups per hour and has two jugs. This option has two self-regulating hot plates that re-adjust the temperature according to the amount of coffee in the decanter.

· Espresso Machine. Your establishment needs to be able to offer a variety of coffee drinks. You have a choice of either a fully automatic or semi-automatic Espresso Machine. Espresso is a popular hot drink amongst business men and women plus it is the basis for other delicious coffee drinks.

· Coffee Warmer. Keep the jug with the brewed contents warm. Once the coffee is brewed it would be a good idea to keep the coffee warm before it is served.

· Cup Warmer. This is especially necessary during the winter months when hot drinks tend to cool off very quickly. Store the cups in a cup warmer and serve the hot drinks in a warm cup to keep the contents warmer for longer.

· Coffee Thermometer. This little gadget is a great way to check the temperature of hot drinks before it is served. Simply dip the clean thermometer in the drink to check the temperature before it is served. If it is warm enough then it can be served to the customer.

· DIHR Glass Dishwasher. In a coffee shop hundreds of cups are being used daily. Keeping them clean and in constant rotation needs to be a priority. The DIHR Glass Dishwasher is ideal for coffee shops because it allows you to wash up to 30 racks of cups and glasses in an hour. It has a fully automatic process and uses less than two litres of water per cycle.

Other catering equipment that is required for the smooth running of a coffee shop includes cups, saucers, and other commercial kitchen equipment for food preparation. This list shows the main items that are required in order for your coffee shop to offer a speedy service as well as consistently flavourful coffee.

Aug 30, 2017


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