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Heating Equipment - bain maries, chip dump, coffee machines, fryers, crepe machines, grillers, hot plates, pie...



  • Bain Maries

    Bain-Marie, Buffet, Restaurant, Canteen, Commerical Kitchen, School Canteen, Hospital Kitchen

  • Baking Trays

    Baking Trays, oven trays, bakery trays, convection oven trays

  • Biltong Cabinet

    Ideal for butcher's, game farms, biltong stores, and meat processing plants

  • Boiling Tables

    Boiling Tables, Cooking, Stove, Restaurant

  • Carvery Stations
  • Riser Shelves
  • Chicken Rotisserie

    Chicken Rotisserie, Chicken, Supermarket, Restaurant, Take-Away

  • Chip Dump

    Chip Dump, Chips, Fast Food, Take-Away, Fish & Chips, Hotel, Canteen

  • Coffee Machines

    Coffee Machine, Coffee, Coffee Shop, Bakery, Deli, Restaurant, Canteen

  • Cooker Cabinet

    Cooker Cabinet, Butchers, Butchery, Game Farms, Meat Processing Plants

  • Crepe Machine

    Crepe Machine, bakery, coffee shop, restaurant, hotels,deli

  • Cup Warmer

    Cup Warmer, Restaurant, Canteen, Cafeteria, Commercial Kitchen

  • Fryers

    Fryers, chip fryers, take away, restaurant, hotel, fast food outlets, fish and chips, coffee shop

  • Food Warming Cabinet
  • Gas Electric Ovens

    Gas and Electric Ovens, Gas Stove and Electric Oven

  • Gas Stoves & Ovens

    Stove -Gas, Restaurant, Hotel Kitchen, Canteen, Deli, Commerical Kitchen

  • Grillers

    Griller, Grilling, Steakhouse, Restaurant, Take-Away, Burgers, Hotel, Canteen

  • Heat Sealing Machine

    Heat Sealing Machine, Packaging, Biltong Shop, Sweets Shop, Restaurant, Deli

  • Heated Display Cabinets

    Heated Display Unit, Restaurant, Bakery, Coffee Shop, Hotel, Deli

  • Hot Dog Roller

    Hot Dog Roller, fast food outlets, deli, coffee shop, take away, restaurant

  • Hot Food Bars

    Hot Food Bars, Restaurant, Deli, Coffee Shop

  • Hot Plates

    Hot Plates, Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Canteen, Deli

  • Induction Warmers

    Induction Warmers, restaurant, commercial kitchen, hotel

  • Microwave Ovens

    Microwave, Restaurant, Bakery, Coffee Shop, Canteen, Commercial Kitchen

  • Ovens

    Ovens, Baking, Restaurant, Bakery

  • Pasta Cooker

    Pasta cooker

  • Pie Warmers

    Pie Warmer, Pie, Supermarket, Restaurant, Canteen, Coffee Shop, Fast Food Outlet

  • Pizza / Deck Ovens

    Pizza / Deck Ovens

  • Plate Warmer

    Plate Warmer, Restaurant, Hotel, Canteen, Cafeteria, Buffet

  • Popcorn Machines

    Popcorn Machine, Cafe, Deli, Fair

  • Proofing Cabinet

    Proofing Cabinet

  • Salamanders

    Salamander, Heating, Restaruant, Commercial Kitchen, Hotel, Cooking

  • Sauce Warmer

    Sauce Warmer

  • Smoking Cabinet

    Smoking Cabinet, Butcher, Game Farm

  • Sous Vide Water Bath

    SOUS VIDE also known as low temperature cooking, was developed in 1974 to reduce shrinkage when preparing foie gras. Development of the technique resulted in an unexpected low shrinkage of less than 5% compared to the 40% seen with conventional cooking methods.Souse Vide cooking has been proven to reduce consistent, high quality results every time: retaining vitamins, micro nutrients, and mineral salts fat compositions are not altered - resulting in a noticeably better taste and texture.Due to a temperature consistency of ±0.01°C chefs are able to prepare fish, meat or vegetables exactly as desired. Once the preferred temperature is reached, it can be kept constant for hours - making it virtually impossible to over cook any type of food. Using water as the heating medium guarantees that the temperature is the same at every point in the bath/vessel.Consider all of these advantages Sous Vide cooking provided a real alternative to conventional cooking methods. Maximize kitchen efficiency, save on overhead expenses, and increase menu quality.

  • Speed Boils
  • Tilting Pan

    Tilting Pan

  • Toasters

    Toaster, Sandwich Maker, Panini, Toast, Coffee Shop, Restaurant, Take Away

  • Urns

    Urn, Restaurant, Canteen, Hotel

  • Waffle Bakers

    Waffles, Pancake, Breakfast Food, Restaurant, Hotel, Coffee Shop, Deli


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